What We’re Doing

We are reaching out to people in prisons through our programming, individual counselling and other means. We are seeking to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through incorporation into the Body of Christ, the One, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Church. We work with other Christian denominations in spreading this life-saving news, pursuing eventual visible and spiritual union with our brethren of other Christian traditions according to the Word of God (UR 1-3, 1 Cor. 1). We believe that only through Christ, and the Triune God, we can achieve full spiritual renewal and be freed from the bonds of the cares of the world, and prison of pride, which is the source of all error and sin (DI 5-8, Jn. 14:6).  

Ecumenical Mennonite Central  Community. Serving the wider christen community.

Chaplins Replacement 

Calgary Prison Ministry


Bishop Frederick Henry


Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ with joy of the peace that only the Triune God will bring to all of humanity.

Catholic Diocese

of Calgary